World Association of Veterinary Anatomists (WAVA)
Association Mondiale des Anatomistes Vétérinaires (AMAV)
Weltvereinigung der Veterinäranatomen (WVVA)
Asociación Mundial de Anatomistas Veterinarios (AMAV)

Terms and conditions of membership in WAVA

The goal of our association is to bring together individuals and associations interested in the study and teaching of domestic animal anatomy. The WAVA promotes research, contacts among colleagues, and the exchange of information and material. Thus, veterinary anatomists from all over the world are invited to join our association. Furthermore, the WAVA looks after the interests of our profession.

The association administers the Zietzschmann-Preuss Award for promotion of veterinary embryological research, and has an official journal, Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia: Journal of Veterinary Medicine Series C, published by the Blackwell Company.

The membership fee is $US 5.00/year. Dues are collected once a year. There is also the possibility of lifetime paid-up memberships:
Age below 30: $US 150.00
Age between 30 and 50: $US 100.00
Age over 50: $US 50.00

Request for WAVA membership

Thank-you for your interest in WAVA. We hope you join us. Please fill out the following form:

Membership Application Form

Once you have registered the basic information that we need, you will be contacted by the Secretary General or the Treasurer, who will confirm your registration and talk to you about payment of annual or life-long membership fees. Please note one important thing, which is that you will need the "sponsorship" of at least one member of WAVA before your application can be accepted. You will fill in the names of these people in this submission form. If you don't know a member, you can download a list of members to find someone near you.