World Association of Veterinary Anatomists (WAVA)
Association Mondiale des Anatomistes Vétérinaires (AMAV)
Weltvereinigung der Veterinäranatomen (WVVA)
Asociación Mundial de Anatomistas Veterinarios (AMAV)

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The Zietzschmann-Preuss Award

Awarded anually for the promotion of veterinary embryological research.

For full details, please refer to the Zietzschmann-Preuss Award Website.

World Association of Veterinary Anatomists

WAVA is an international association representing and promoting all aspects of veterinary anatomy. It's objectives include to amalgamate those working physically or theoretically in any field of domestic animal anatomy, be it gross, microscopic or ultrastructural; to encourage the study of domestic animal anatomy; to promote research and dissemination of new knowledge of veterinary anatomy; to encourage the use of modern methods of teaching in veterinary anatomy; to promote better knowledge of anatomy in applied science and to encourage exchange of information and contacts with all interested persons and organizations. In particular, it encourages active collaboration with the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (human anatomy) and the World Veterinary Association.

As the umbrella organisation for the world's veterinary anatomy associations, WAVA has the responsibility for veterinary anatomical nomenclature. It has published, and regularly reviews, volumes for gross anatomy, histology and embryological anatomy - Nomina anatomica veterinaria, Nomina histologica veterinaria and Nomina embryologica veterinaria. It does this through a series of international nomenclature committees.

Membership of WAVA is open to all who work in some way with veterinary anatomy. If this includes you, please consider membership. If you would like more information about WAVA or its activities, please contact the Secretary General.

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Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria
6th Edition – 2017

This edition harmonises the terminology of the NAV, NHV and NEV. These changes are typed in blue for easy identification. Note that this is a text-based version, not the illustrated version available in book form.

Download here (1.9MB)

Nomina Histologica Veterinaria
1st Edition – 2017

The Nomina Histologica Veterinaria (NHV) is a structured terminology of veterinary cytology, and general and special histology (i.e. microscopic anatomy). All the Latin terms are accompanied by English equivalents. Since this is a 1st edition, feedback is highly welcomed.

Download here (1.1MB)

Nomina Embryologica Veterinaria
2nd Edition – revised, 2017

This revised edition of the 2006 NEV attempts to eliminate discrepancies between the NAV, NHV and NEV. Alterations are typed in blue for easy identification.

Download here (254KB)